What should the letters say?
Rather than require uniform content in each letter, we are encouraging people to write in their own voice, out of their own experience and context. If you would like to see some sample letters, we have provided them in our resources section, but it is not required that you use them. 

To whom should the letters be written?
We would like the letters to be sent to your state and congressional representatives, those whose decisions have the widest impact on a state and national level. To find the names and addresses of your representatives, you can use the finder tool located on this website.

Is this a website where we can debate the issue?
No. The primary purpose of this campaign is to speak on behalf of the silenced through the sending of letters. Conversations and debates about gun violence are an important part of discerning wisdom together, but those are best handled in person, rather than through digital media. We encourage you to have personal conversations with people, and practice empathy and solution-centered dialogue. 

What about the separation of church and state?
We are called as a church to be engaged in political issues, just as Jesus was unafraid to speak out on matters of injustice, and the prophets boldly confronted the social ills of their time. We can do so without being partisan. This is why 5000 Letters is not about targeting, advancing, or endorsing any particular political party. Even though these letters may have political messaging, they should not be partisan in nature. 

How can my church or I report how many letters have been submitted?
Follow the report updates by viewing the banner at the top of the page each time you visit the website. 

How can I learn more about the issue of gun violence, from a United Methodist perspective?
Our website contains a resources page, which contains links to numerous pieces written from the Conference and the denomination. You will specifically want to read “A Call to End Gun Violence,” a resolution passed by our most recent General Conference in 2016.  

Can anyone participate in this initiative?
Yes! Anyone can participate. You don't have to be a member of a Florida United Methodist Church or connected to the Florida Conference. All are welcome.